Learning, boring?
Not anymore.

AktivLearn makes learning fun by turning it into a game. Welcome to a world of fun quizzes, challenges and simulations.

Learning together
is fun

Compete with your peers, gain points and badges to see your rankings improve. Learn and brainstorm with them on our discussion forums.
Learn Together

Learn Anywhere

Access enriching content anytime, anywhere. Don't have access to a computer? Aktivlearn is just one app-store download away.
Learn Anywhere

Style it your way

Customize the interface to suit your branding requirements, choose among a list of themes, style it your way and decide what features you need.
Style It Your Way

Learning, one bite
at a time

Get hand-picked, freshly baked, premium-grade learning bites delivered on the go on Aktivlearn mobile. You'll soon discover, no one can read just one
Learn Anywhere

Understand every user's journey

Get meaningful insights with interesting statistics from your own or your student's learning journeys.
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Experience the
Future of Learning

Experience the Future of Learning